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Outliers and Side Effects

Outliers and Side Effects


Jim Lambie

(sculpture David Batchelor)

James “Jim” Lambie is a contemporary visual artist, and was shortlisted for the 2005 Turner Prize with an installation called Mental Oyster. Jim Lambie graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a Honors Bachelors of Arts degree.

The word “genius” is the nuclear weapon in the critic’s armoury. A lot of people think it should never be used. I used it a while ago and someone wrote to the Guardian complaining. I think they thought I was using it satirically - so rarely is this term employed and so dangerous is its aura.

Yet it has a venerable history. In Renaissance Europe the idea of the “genius” of the artist grew out of Neo-Platonic philosophy and the idea that creativity comes to the poet in a “fury”, a frenzy. From the start it identified artistic excellence with transports of mind. Albrecht Dürer may have been the first artist to see himself as a “genius”, portraying himself as a Christ-like messianic figure. Anyway I know a genius when I see one and the Glasgow artist Jim Lambie is a genius.
Text : The Guardian


What up my knitta?



On friday, one week before comiccon, I remembered this scene from bob’s burgers. I had to go for it. So I worked really hard with the help of espphoto to get this done in a week. It was knit plain and then the yellow lettering was duplicate stitched on top to save time.

The color chart is posted here and can be used on any sweater (or anything) that’s more than 48 stitches across. There’s no pattern for the sweater because it was improvised. It’s pretty cool to know that I can make a body first and then calculate a sleeve cap to perfectly fit in the armscye without any problems. Set in sleeves are my favorite patterns to draft and seam.

I’ll post some photos of the con later this week.

Knittaz 4 life !!!


Important sweatshirt. This is by Monki who have a knack of making kitschy stuff look arty rather than costumey, as my friend Ushshi pointed out today. I mean, this isn’t even my **signature style** but I’m so happy in my pizza sweat! pizza sweat 

My shoes are an ancient charity shop find and the floral crown is sort of handmade, and the skirt was on ridic sale from asos. Cute cheap outfit! 

Shop the look here



Self Portraits | 2014 

Heres to Change, 

and all the difficulties that comes with any developmental maturation

reluctant I’ve been for too long 

cowering in my old mold 

rectifying hold habits, unwilling to face myself. 

Heres to all that shit, and still waking up ready to make a change. 

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